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I work digitally with my laptop (hooked up to a giant monitor) and a Surface Pro 3, but I also enjoy some down time with good old fashioned art supplies. These have come in handy for a few professional projects as well. But mostly, just nice time to chill and zone out a bit into the paper. So what materials do I use? Well, with the help of Amazon I'll show you. Yes, these are affiliate links, but I'm only showing you what I REALLY do use in hopes that it will inspire the artist in you as well. So here we go! First up, colored pencils, good ones. I love these from Prismacolor. The color is vibrate and it goes down smooth on the surface.

Next up, watercolor pencils. Now I'm not sure where on the quality scale these rank, but they aren't the lower end store brand ones, so I figure they're pretty good. These are the first and only watercolor pencils I've used, and I like them. As much as I've tried to better my skills with traditional watercolors, I haven't figure it out yet. In the mean time, I feel like these pencils allow me to have more control over how the color and water interact on the paper. Simply color similar to a regular colored pencil (the more color you put down, the more vibrant it will be after adding the water), and then use your chosen water and brush method to bring them to life.

Lastly, for now, the water brush I use with those watercolor pencils... easy to use! Unscrew, add water, screw the brush back on, and you're ready to go. No dipping or water cup needed!

Anyways, that's all I've got for you today - comment with your fav supplies below. I always enjoy trying out new ones!

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