6 Ways To Increase Your Traffic With Social Media

Alright business owners, no matter your size, we all want our business to flourish. Social media definitely helps with that. But how do we get the most out of our chosen platforms? That’s the question. Even after being at it for years, most of us are still digging up new ways to gain attention and feed those social media hits towards our websites or blogs or brick-and-mortar locations, wherever.

So, in no particular ranking order, I’ve put together a list of tips that I’ve ran across. Try them out, see if they work for you!

1. Provide content that entertains or interests your followers – remember THEY are the ones you’re seeking attention from. If they like your post, they just might share it, and their followers might share it if THEY like it, and so on and so on…

2. Have a blog? (If not maybe consider adding one to your website) Share your post on your social media platforms. Consider sharing it 3 times, BUT change the post that you share it with. Don’t be repetitive or it may look spammy. Change up the way you introduce the blog post, use a quote from the blog post, change the hashtags, etc. Different wording may attract different users as well.

3. Make sure your URL is on your profile! This might seem simple, but go check and make sure. I’ve ran across a few that for whatever reason, forgot to include their website, or maybe they forgot to make sure that it’s view-able. Just go check, on all of the platforms that you use.

4. Use photos. Your audience is visual, especially on Instagram. Maybe add your message overlaying the photo. Make sure to include a good caption and quality hashtags too!

5. Refer your customers when they have questions. When someone asks a question via Facebook, consider referring them to the page on your website that will answer their question.

6. Call To Action. So someone viewed your post, what now? Tell them to ‘Comment Below’, ‘Visit Now’, or ‘Share’ – see what results you get! So what works for you? Comment and let us know your fav platform and what methods you've found to work best.

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