What's your story? Where did your business begin?

I've been marveling a bit about how far my once little Etsy shop has gone. I started doing graphic design out of necessity of needing graphics for another Etsy shop.

I made bows when one of my girls was a baby.

It fizzled out pretty quick.

But, I had began my journey of learning Photoshop and Illustrator. Rough as my early days, weeks, and years were - I've made leaps of improvements and learned many lessons along the way.

While I do have another little Etsy shop that does pretty well, with my designing skills I'm able to produce all of my own logos, graphics, ads, print materials, etc etc. And who wouldn't take pride in that?

Sorry, I drifted off course there a little.

The point is, I love hearing about how businesses began. (I'm a Shark Tank fan)

Whether that be selling at fairs, an Etsy shop, social media video boutique (that venue has taken off for some!), or even a brick and mortar location.

What are your roots? Where did your business,

your hard work,

where did it begin?

Was it a needed skill turned business?

Was it a hobby turned talent? Was it...?

Well what was it?

Comment below and tell us your story!

Talk soon! Ashley

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